We've worked with...recently
  • The World Bank.
  • DFID, Department for International
    Development; a ministry of the British
    Government that manages British
    development aid across the world.
  • NRSP, Natural Resource Systems
    Programme, a global research programme.
  • IFAD, International Fund for Agricultural
    Development (UN).
  • WFP, World Food Programme (UN).
  • CIDA, Canadian International Development
  • SDC, Swiss Development Cooperation.
  • GTZ, Gesellschaft für Technische
    Zusammenarbeit, Germany.
  • AKF, Aga Khan Foundation.
  • ODI, Overseas Development Institute,
  • NRI, Natural Resources Institute,
    Greenwich, UK.
  • SRI, Silsoe Research Institute, Silsoe, UK.
  • SVYM, Swami Vivekananda Youth
  • Shriram Group Companies.

The list is being revised and updated.

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Domains... some examples
Household and small business risks

Self-help groups and networks

Small-holder agriculture, livestock

Socio-economic exclusion, asymmetries
Service Delivery is an integrated function that includes many functions like:
        Program Design
        Impact
        Organisational Design & Management
        Logistics
        Dialectic Learning Systems
        Decision Support Systems
        Analytics
        Program Monitoring
        Program Evaluation
        Statutory Compliance
        Fiduciary Oversight
....... and more
Assignments... click for more
The list is being revised and updated.
An assignment consists of a combination of domains and functions.
Financial Inclusion

Watershed management