Advertisement campaigns, public relations events, awards and public acclaim do make you feel good.
But if you never ask yourselves tough questions, and actually begin to believe your hype, that is the end of the road.
Learning ceases.  Hubris is the first sign of decline and demise.

Here are five sets of questions for any corporate, any charitable institution, international aid agency, government
programme that claims to work for socio-economic change.
If you can answer them without difficulty, we would like to visit you and learn from you.
If not, we may be able to help.

The questions:

    What benefits has your spending produced?  What is the impact of your work?

    Can you identify and count your beneficiaries?  How many of them, having received a dose of your inputs for (say)
    five years, can be interviewed/ tested/ examined independently to verify and evaluate benefits?

    Can you logically map your inputs to process/activities to outputs to outcomes/impact?  Can you credibly attribute
    outcomes to your inputs and activities?  Entirely, substantially or only partially?

    Do you know what it costs you to get one child to achieve any specified level of benefit?

    Are you learning as you go along?  In what way are your recent endeavours improvements on your old ones?  Are
    your costs per benefit delivered improving over time?

That is just for starters.
Most donors never ask these questions, even in private.
We can help you to find answers; to design and manage your programs so that such questions are always answered
with evidence, with conviction.  To contact us,
Ask yourselves some tough questions