You can get more on our work and ideas
We have ideas and outlines for programs in:

Financial services, esp. micro-credit
Basic Education through e-learning, for children in remote areas and conflict zones
Health Care, esp. women and children
Direct-linking farmers, customers, transporters, labourers, financial services
Small Business Risk Management
Household Life-Cycle Risk Management
Local self-government, grassroots institutions and capacity building
Improving governance

A Cirrus Value Proposition: Micro-finance Services Re-Engineered
Banks find it difficult and costly to manage financial inclusion targets mandated by the Indian government and banking regulator.  
Our experience shows that service delivery costs can be brought below 5% (as against currently acceptable 10%), even for small loan
portfolios (i.e. total loan assets below USD 1 million or INR 60 million), while maintaining portfolio attrition below 1% (under normal
conditions, i.e. without natural disasters, without governance instability).
This has important implications. With market cost of funds in India currently around 10% for banks, loans with real effective
annualized interest rates below 20% (on reducing balances) become possible. Compare this to prevailing lending rates (in India for
micro-finance) where interest rates of 26% are considered reasonable.

There are other areas and other value propositions, too, especially for CSR.  There are two kinds of people CSR can help:

The first: the economically active.
What they
do not need is handouts.  They do need skills, connections, information, capital, risk mitigation support, encouragement
and support.

The second: infants, children, the old, sick and infirm, who have none to lean on.  They are fewer in number.
They need basic nutrition, care, security, shelter and clothing, enough for a dignified life.
Also, education for the young, and medical care for all.

All need good governance, protection from crime, predation and harassment, and quick, fair legal redress, and re-balancing of

You choose who you would like to help, and the domain.
We can help you choose and prioritize; and to design and manage your programs.  
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