M. S. Ashok, Lead Consultant; Founder-Director of Cirrus Management Services Private Limited
Post-graduated with honours, Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), 1991.
Focus (Since 1993)
    Service delivery to rural communities (esp. finance, health, education)
    Livelihoods, enterprise, natural resources and risk management for people in poverty and the socially excluded
    Governance, managing socio-economic asymmetries, village level self-government, people's/ farmers' institutions.

Indian Army (1973-1993), infantry, graduate Defence Services Staff College (Wellington, Nilgiris) 1984, lieutenant colonel.  Operations,
logistics, systems, task teams. Years in independent infantry command in high altitude mountains were the most important.  Chose
retirement over imminent promotion in 1993.

Worked with a farmers' organisation, and NGO.  Established a management services company in 1995 with two colleagues. Established this
company (Cirrus) to retain focus on priorities that were important personally.  Always preferring vocation to career, he has declined offers to
head an NGO and a corporate venture.

Enjoys developing heuristics, algorithms, analytics, stochastic decision support systems, and related software.  He has done it for micro-
finance, derivatives trading (in the Indian stock market), and for service delivery.

Seeks independence, searches for direct knowledge and experience, distrusts doctrines and received wisdom.  His values and thinking are
shaped by living and working with soldiers and poor people, and by family role-models.  Intellectually inclusive, even syncretic, adapts
concepts, experience, systems, structures across domains: spanning warfare, business, stock markets, governance, and livelihoods.  Greatly
prefers a peaceful life. Remains ready to walk alone if necessary, planning and hoping to win, but also prepared to lose.

Location: Bangalore, India
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